The Classic Motorcycle Rally

Photographs: Simon Fourie
Frank and Hilton Hayward
Alan Robertson on 1936 Velocette
The Contingent from Holland
Denis Cronje’s 1935 BMW
A. Crookes on his 1935 Excelsior
E. Klein on his 1936 Velocette
The Krugers
In 1995 fourteen Hollanders entered the DJ on a variety of old bikes mainly 1928 Harleys and Hendersons. They were met at Jan Smuts Airport on the Wednesday prior to the DJ by clerk of the course John Linley and given a map with directions on how to get to the VCC clubhouse at Kloof where they were to attend the cocktail party and spend the night.

Well they did not arrive but we heard stories from the chaps who had come down the alternative route that they had been sighted on the road to Durban.

At scrutineering on Thursday there was still no sign of them. It was later established that they had decided to travel down towards Ixopo and spend Wednesday night with the local community and then make their way back to the VCC clubhouse. They arrived at the VCC in the evening where their documentation was done.

At that point one of the Harley engines required stripping as it had a big-end problem. The one crank was removed and a plate was made to fit over the front cylinder orifice and bolted down, with the manifold for the front cylinder being blocked off with a piece of wood. The bike actually ran and we later heard that it completed the run to Johannesburg. Talk about ingenuity.

My wife Virginia told me later that all you heard was this roar of exhausts as these chaps came trundling into Sanlam Centre followed by a huge cloud of smoke, the photos are courtesy of her.

They were placed at intervals down the field so they could follow the rider in front of them but instead they opted to ride as a group at the back of the field. After the finish on our way back to Alberton every now and then you would see these guys crossing the freeway so whether they got to the finish or not I don't know.

Sometime after the DJ I tried to find out from the VVC an address that I could post the photos to without success.
Dutch participation in the 1995 DJ.
By Rodwyn Thomas.